My first blog:)

So with Trish roaming about Europe and writing about her adventures over there, I thought I would start a blog writing about my adventures and other stuff here in Vancouver.  I am 12 (yippee!) days from starting my Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with the amazing and talented Chris Chavez!  I am tres excited ( a little bit of french in honour of my sister who is in Paris) about the course!

I was recently up in the Okanagan for a wee break…it was lovely most of the time that we were there.  The morning we drove up though, there was a freak snow storm that shocked everyone!  We decided to drive up the Hope-Princeton Highway with the hopes it would be clear.  Well, it was clear of cars as there were only 2 cars that passed us on the way up and maybe 8 that passed us on the opposite side, and 2 of those vehicles were the trucks that were sanding the highway!  It allowed us to take our time which was nice, and when I wasn’t focusing on trying to see the road through the snow, it was a really beautiful drive through Manning Park with all the snow on the trees and the creeks.  It was very Christmas postcard picturesque!

My blog is also going to double as my gratitude list.  10 things I am grateful for today:

1- Great driving lessons! 2- Fun traveling companion, my Mom! 3- The ability to get in a car and escape from the city up to the beatiful Okanagan! 4- The laptop my sister left with me while she travels Europe so I can write my blog! 5- Really yummy granola!  6- My Canon Power Shot camera that recorded our trip. 7-A job that allows me to be able to take the time off and go on wee trips.  8- A grandmother, who at the age of 92 had open heart surgery to allow her to be with us for a lot longer! 9- A sister who dreams and follows those dreams!  10- Parents who love me and my sister and have raised us to believe in the magic of dreams!

5 things I wish to be grateful for at this time next year: 1-The people that have helped me achieve my dream of teaching yoga abroad. 2- My passport that allows me to travel freely. 3- The beautiful resort that has hired me to teach yoga full time. 4- My persistance and dedication to teaching yoga fully and deeply. 5- My wisdom.

I am going to attach photos from our trip soon so stayed tuned for those.



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