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Alright….so I have started this  blog and do you think I can figure out how to configure the page??  Of course not!  My newest posts sit up in the top right hand corner of the screen rather than in the main frame of the page.   I will get it one day!  It is another beautiful day here in Vancouver!  Yaa!  And it is supposed to stay nice for today and tomorrow which just happen to be my days off:)!  Whee!

I have had a wonderful couple of days this week getting back in touch with the Scottish side of the family!  I have found Diane, Alistair and Reece on Facebook and we have already been facebooking!  Colin, Mary, Diane, her partner Billy and her son Reece are all coming out next year!  Which is FANTASTIC!  I already have plans to go kayaking with Reece out of Deep Cove, and hopefully Diane & Billy will come along!  I have also mentioned Kumsheen white river rafting so maybe I will finally get to go!  ( note to self..look at getting recertified in lifeguarding)!!

I missed blogging yesterday which means I didn’t write down the 10 things I was grateful for yesterday so there will be a double dose here! I will be writing yesterdays in honour of my friend Jen, who just came back from New York  so 10 things I am grateful about New York are:1-AU BON PAIN! The best chocolate croissants EVER!!!! 2-FDNY & the NYPD!  Just as yummy but with less calories! 3- $79 per night in downtown Manhattan! Love you Starwood! 4- Carnegie Hall where I watched my Aunt & Uncle perform…Yahoo! 5- The Library Bar in the hotel for their great service and other patrons who bought our drinks!  Yes, my Mom and I picked up, and dropped, while we were there…Cool! 6- Tavern on the Green 7- SHOPPING!  I know it is kind of unbelievable that this wasn’t the first thing on the list, but sometimes chocolate just takes precendence!  8- BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S…The movie and the moment. 9- A visit with my friend Paula:) 10- Wow…already at 10…hmmm… I guess it will have to be, going to New York for the first time with a great traveling companion, my MOM!!!! 5 things I want to be grateful for at this time next year:1- My birthday next month in NEW YORK!!! 2- Teaching Anusara yoga3- The freedom and ability to travel where ever I want 4- The fact that I had Christmas and New Years off and was celebrating somewhere warm and tropical with my Sister and Family!  5- My knowledge, faith and wisdom in myself and my choices.

10 things I am grateful for today:1- 2 days off!  2- SUNSHINE! 3-great music that my sister put on a compilation CD for me 4- Ausara yoga class in 1 hour…must get ready! 5- yummy granola 6- my plants 7- That I have a balcony on my apartment when so many don’t in the West End 8- The area I live in..close to ocean and lots of trees! 9- SPRING! 10- a stoop I can sit on and watch the world go by….

5 things I want to be grateful for next year at this time:1- SPRING!  2- Travel 3- clean water 4- my yoga students 5- my ability to adapt

Namaste and love:)



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