Heart-literally and figurtively

Not sure if I have spelled figutively correct or not, but don’t really care.  The results came back from the cardiologist on Tuesday and while it mostly looks good there was an episode of a heart palpitation that lasted about 5 to 6 beats that has them concerned.  So they have put me back on medication called Nadolo-Nadolol is in a group of drugs called beta-blockers. Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins).  There are a few side effects (aren’t there always) and so far I have a few of them. The most lovely of all of the side effects that I am feeling is flatulence….always a nice one during yoga class:) So over the last few days, I have experienced various examples of the side effects of this medication.  One seems to be that when I exert myself in anyway, ie walking, my heart has a wee bit of a challenge to keep up, so I am not very impressed with this. I get a very uncomfortable tightness across my chest.  If this is what is going to be like just walking home from work at 20mg what is it going to be like at 60mg?  Yikes!  I had a thought last night….could it be stress from the job that has brought it on? Maybe the reason that there has not been any readings up until now is because the stress hasn’t manifested itself so physically yet.  Who knows.  I don’t like being on medication at all! I told the nurse how I was feeling and she suggested taking it at night!  Like the side effects are going to go away because I take it at night instead…let’s bring on more nightmares!

Update- I stopped taking the medication because I felt worse on it than off.   I am going to go in and ask for a 2nd opinion, but you know me, too nice and afraid of offending.  But  I need to do something about it!

10 things I am grateful for: 1. That I don’t need surgery 2. That I have the freedom to chose 3. That I have a really mild version of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 4. That I have family and friends in my corner 5. That I am realizing how my lifestyle affects my heart condition 6.  I can make healthier choices 7. I can live a life free of medication 8. Gardens 9. Tea houses 10.  Freedom of choice


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