Monday morning:)

Good morning!  It’s the 2nd day of summer and it’s one of those typical spring days here in Vancouver….overcast with high clouds but some rain up there somewhere.  The trees were removed from the back parking lot of my building today.  There were 4 huge trees in the back that had the most deliciously fragrant blossoms every spring.  There were worries about the trees coming down in a bad storm and of the roots cracking the pavement.  It’s so sad because those trees were obviously there first and the monthly parkers come and go but the trees were always there.  It’s so bare in the back now…I used to exit from there because it was a short cut.  But now I will only use it when I have to take out garbage because it is quite dismal to look at.  The city of Vancouver is so keen on creating more green space in the downtown core and yet here is the owner of this building tearing trees down…

Iran has blocked Deepak Chopra’s website if you can believe that!  They have blocked over 5 million websites since the results of the election.    The events in Iran have made me realize how grateful I am to live in the country that I do.  There are quite a few Iranians living in the building where I work and I think this is the reason why I am more aware of what is happening there. People with family there that they try to talk to each day to find out how they are and what is happening.  It’s amazing that in the year of 2009, that people are still fighting for their freedom.  One would think that we have some much further than that.  But for every person, group, or government that tries to repress it’s people, there are that many more that will stand up against them.  History is full of stories of small groups of ordinary citizens that stand up for their rights and win.  I hope this is the case here and that the current Iranian regime realizes that the world is watching.

Anusara yoga immersion level 2 starts on Wednesday…I have been quite negligent in my yoga practice and homework.  I have been really blah and lazy which I am disappointed in.  I have also been negligent in blogging.  So I am back!

10 things I am grateful for today: 1. Getting up early 2. Laundry on site 3. My patio plants that are blooming! 4. No coffee 5. CBC radio playing wonderful classical music 6. Media that is not blocked 7. The freedom to go on any website that I wish 8. Monday and it feels like a new start and clean slate 9. People out there that want and get change in their neighbourhoods, communities, towns, cities, countries 10. To be Canadian

5 things that I want to be grateful for 1 year from now: 1. Fully certified as an Anusara inspired yoga teacher 2. Living in Costa Rica teaching yoga at a beautiful resort 3. Just came back from surfing 4. Yummy local healthy food 5. Watching the sunset with my future husband:)

Until tomorrow:)

Love and hugs and peace to you



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