The big C word

I just found out this evening that someone I care deeply about has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I don’t know what stage, but it sounds like it was caught early and she will hopefully be fine.  She is one of the most beautiful inside and out people that I know…a holistic healer, and an amazing listener and very aware of so many things in so many ways.  Cancer is not indiscriminate…it does not acknowledge race colour or gender, it simply attacks without prejudice.  It’s so common now to hear about people who have it.  It’s not like 50-60 years ago  when it was rare to hear about it and when you did no one ever talked about it.  My Aunt Jean died from cancer…she beat it twice but when it came back the 3rd time the cancer won.  My Mom had ovarian cancer while she was pregnant with my younger sister…they are both fine and also 2 of the most beautiful inside and out people that I know.  There are so many different kinds of cancer: for men, prostate..for women, breast and ovarian…there is even pediatric cancer in children…animals get cancer….and the list goes on and on.  It is certainly putting alot of things in perspective for me…I start my level 2 of Anusara yoga immersion tomorrow….Sabeeha was going to take it with me…maybe this is why it didn’t work out.  So, to my friend Sabeeha, I love you and honour you and will be saying prayers every day for you.   Be well my friend, be well. And since you are the person who asked me to start writing about the things I am grateful for, I dedicate this blog to you!

10 things I am grateful for today: 1. Being introduced to Sabeeha 2.  Having acupuncture treatments with Sabeeha 3. Being able to tell Sabeeha everything 4. Her intuition 5. Her gentle touch 6. Her great sense of style 7. Her creativeness 8. Her heart 9. That she has helped me to get back on my path 10. Her strength and guidance

5 things I am grateful for in 1 year from today 1. Sabeeha is in remission 2. Sabeeha is healthy 3. There are more healthy alternatives to help heal cancer patients 4.  I just had an acupuncture session with Sabeeha 5. Sabeeha is happy

With love and peace and light



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