Thanksgiving with my family:)

Well I found out recently that my cousin has been reading my blog and since I haven’t written a new blog in quite a while, she was disappointed:)   I decided that I would start writing my blog again.  I had started it as a gratitude exercise and then became “too busy” to write it, which was detrimental to the whole purpose of starting my blog.  So on that note,  I will do my best to write a proper blog at least 3 times a week and blog what I am grateful for every day.

So, Sheila, get yourself a cup of coffee and settle in..this blog is for you.

Let me start by saying that my family, especially my Dad’s side of the family, is completely crazy.  Not a, I am going to hack you to bits while you sleep crazy, but a wonderful, loving, wouldn’t trade them for the world kind of crazy.  If you are lucky enough to marry into our family, you must get our sense of humour or you just won’t get us:)  I have always been thankful for my family and for the incredibly odd sense of humours that we all possess.  It has brought us through some really tough times…it has brought me through some really hard times and difficult situations in my own work and life.  I will blog about those one day, but this blog isn’t about me specifically, it is about my amazing and wondefully supportive, crazy family.

This year, we had a family Thanksgiving ( Canada celebrates it at a different time of the year for any of you ‘merican readers:).  This was the first time in many moons (as my father was so apt to saying this whole weekend:) and it was great! I worked on Sunday morning and then my parents picked me up and we got on the road and headed for Vernon.  As per tradition, we stopped at Rolly’s Pancake House in Hope and ate comfort food with the locals.  For any of you that have never been to Hope, the long running joke is that once you have left you are ‘Beyond Hope’….it is known for it’s wood carvings and well, not too sure what else it is known for.    We had dinner and some really yummy pumpkin pie and got back on the road.  I was driving since I had fallen asleep earlier in the car and completely missed Abbotsford and Chilliwack(darn!) and we decided to take the Coquihalla up.  An exciting thing to note about the Coquihalla is that there is no longer a Toll Booth! There is now just fresh black asphalt which is the remnants of our Government in action! Along this route, there are signs indicating ‘severe weather changes’ and possibilities of ‘sudden fog’  when ambers flashing.  We have yet to see Amber flashing….Dad was hoping but Amber still wasn’t out.  We took the connector which, depending on who you ask, is faster.  According Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Mel, we should have gone through Kamloops, which means you avoid West Bank/Lake something road.  According to Dad, it’s faster etc. etc. etc….can you picture the conversation?  Yeah.  Anyhoo, stopped for a quick break in West Bank and then took a road which at one point was possibly a single track logging road to the family’s house.  Dad couldn’t remember where the turn for the road to their house was, so every time I came down a hill and around a corner he would say “this is it”.  He said that about 7 times….we finally found it.  When we got in, it was about 9:30p and everyone was still up and of course Bruno was incredibly excited to see us!  Ross was down from Fort. St John and it was great to see as it has been about 5 years from the last time!  The next day was Monday aka Turkey Day.  The bird went in the oven early and the house smelled of roast turkey all day long….I wish I could have bottled the scent!  My Mom, Uncle Mel, Ross and Bruno went for a hike up past Sugar Loaf Mountain while I napped.  Apparently there were out 4X4ing which pleased Ross and Bruno, but didn’t exactly go over that well with Mom and Uncle Mel….you might still be able to see the nail mark in the dashboard and ‘oh shit’ handle above the doors.  Saddened that I had missed this, I asked if we could go again the next day if the weather was nice. It wasn’t. Oh well, next time!   We sat down to dinner and ate an awesome meal!  Auntie Dorothy probably won’t like it that I have told you, but, she forgot to put water in with the bird for the gravy….so it was Ross to the rescue!  He drove out and bought some gravy packets and we had gravy! Turkey is just not turkey with out gravy….or is that Thanksgiving, because a turkey is just a turkey…whatever.  So, Thanksgiving was saved and all the boys and girls were happy!

After dinner we sat and watched a few episodes of ‘Allo ‘Allo, which is completely absurd, silly and exactly what was needed!  Apparently Dad slept better due to all the laughing:)! The next day brought 10 minutes of snow which we city people panicked at…my Mom was threatening to pack the car and leave if it kept up….thankfully it didn’t! Ross, my Mom and I escaped, I mean left the house earlier than the others and went into town to check our email as we were all going through withdrawl…it wasn’t pretty:(.  We found an internet cafe just down the street from a great shop called ‘Pink Bug’.  If you have not gone, I suggest doing so immediately!  I found a great purse and brought Mom back and she bought one too!  We then went out to Davison’s Orchard and ‘picked’ some apples…they were already in the bag and were hand-picked, just not by me.  When in the Okanagan in the Autumn, one MUST get some local apples.  We then drove up to a new development called The Rise and I got out and took some photos of the area.  We then drove out to the Poggemiller residence thinking it would be alright that we were early but apparently Dawn & Dave did not get our mental telepathy messages that we were arriving early and they weren’t home.  So we lit the heat lamp and sat on the patio and reminisced a bit.  Once Dawn got home and we got inside we hung out by the fire place and thawed out.  The next family member to arrive was my cousin Dave, followed by Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Mel, and my Dad.  Then Sheila and Chris finally got there and it was great!  We sat down to dinner and joked and caught up and laughed so so much!  Sheila is great at doing these crazy accents, and was in fine form that night!  Her and my Dad get going and you are usually in tears by the time they finish:) Auntie Dorothy was regaling us with stories of what she used to do to my Dad when they were kids…let’s just say it’s funny now:)!

Later in the evening I was chatting with Sheila and Dawn about my Dad’s cancer.  Their Moms’ both had cancer so they were able to speak from a place of knowledge and wisdom.  When Dad was first diagnosed, I was angry at so many things…the cancer, the doctors who couldn’t decide on a course of treatment and him.  But as my wise cousin pointed out, I wrote in my last blog that even dogs and babies get cancer.   We all have cancer genes…what brings the cancer on, we will never know, but rather than focusing on that, focus on the future and what can be done rather than on something that doesn’t make any difference now.

I have an amazing family…I am so lucky to have them all in my life…there is a saying that you can pick your friends but not your family…I would like to think, that if they weren’t in my life as my family, they would be as friends.

When I started writing this, I really wanted to include some of the humour that our family enjoys, but have realized that you just have to be there.  And if you are, bring tissue and realize how lucky you are.

Thank you to you all:)

With love and light



One thought on “Thanksgiving with my family:)

  1. Hey Seanna,

    Great blogging with you again – and to see you again too!! Keep up the good work and good spirits!

    Love Sheila

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