Pathways and inspiration

Today was day 2 of my Anusara yoga teacher training and it was amazing how much comes after the actual session.  I took a nap when I got home and my brain was just full of thoughts and wonder and themes…I still feel a bit scattered but am thoughtfully grounding myself as I write.  We talked about how to theme a class today and what the intention is.  It is something you can take into every day life.  Simply going for a walk to start your day or meditating on something that has happened during the week can be your theme, whether it is observing a tree and how it automatically grows up out of the earth.  It roots down for strength and then lifts up towards the sun…it doesn’t think about what it has to do, it just does.  So, your theme could be growth and the intention would be strength.  We also learned about how to engage the entire class by setting the foundation, which begins with where you teach from physically.  I watched a video tonight of Freddie Mercury at LiveAid and when he was on stage, he engaged the whole audience by simply looking up to his right, going across the stage and then up to the left.  This made the whole audience feel important and included…he was a great performer and observed how the audience reacted to his attention.  He might not have been able to see every single person in the audience of thousands, but that didn’t matter.  We are sometimes so busy, doing, thinking, walking trying to get from place to place as quickly as possible that we don’t take the time to stop and observe the simple things.  The puddle that calls to be jumped in, the flower that shows its colours in full blossom, the tree that is in the same spot every day, that goes through the seasons of life every year.    Have you ever slowed down enough to watch a bumblebee go from flower to flower and collect pollen?  There is no sense of hurry, no watch to check the time.   Have you ever listened to what is happening around you when you are walking? Whether it is in a city or in nature?  The sounds create music…and you are the conductor.  You pick up the sounds around you and move to the music they create.   We need to slow down as a society and as people.   Be in the moment.  Observe how you feel.  I really had no idea where I was going with this blog, all I know is that I needed to write.  I am on my path, and while there are moments of intense personal fear of not doing it right, as Chris said today, there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Just teach what you know and what you see.  With that will come knowledge and experience.  Always be open to the possibilities of growth and of change.  I am inspired by so many things and so many people and one of them is my amazing sister who made it possible to be on this path right now.  So I humbly say thank you and accept with incredible love and gratitude.  Namaste

With exquisite love and shining light



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