Standing and shining in our truth

What does it mean to stand in our own light? our own truth? Is it speaking up when you don’t agree with something? Is it setting healthy boundaries?  Why do we have such a hard time seeing our own light, but can see it in others? During the first Anusara Immersion back in April, you will remember that I was having moments of doubt and was doing a great job of finding all the faults in my head of why I didn’t belong there, that others were stronger than me, that I wasn’t even able to get up into handstand by myself etc etc etc.  So I did what most young women in my condition would do…I called my Mom.  And she told me to leave my ego outside when I stepped into the class the next day. I also emailed my sister who is a huge part (HUGE!) of the reason that I am able to participate in the Anusara Immersions and Teacher Training with Chris “the Amazing” Chavez and his beautiful wife Ozlem!!!  My sister wrote back and it was beautiful and insightful and wise and while I won’t share all of it with you, I will share this…”I know that you will have moments of doubt, of I wanna quit stuff, that’s cool. It goes. You are strong and courageous and beautiful and it doesn’t matter if you have doubts as you whether you can do it. I don’t. There is no doubt in my mind that you are capable of anything. Doubt and fear and self-deprecation are all head talky thingies. Anusara yoga is a heart talky thingie. Next time you’re havin some trouble, listen to your heart. But it sounds to me like you already are. You honour me by following your bliss. I appreciate you.” In class yesterday there were conversations going on that reminded me of my moments of doubt and I remembered this email.  I spoke up and commented on the fact that if we have a hard time seeing our truth or light, then maybe we can look through the eyes of someone that does.  We need to take those moments and think of the people that love and support us and if you can feel for just one moment, how it feels to look through their eyes, and remember how that feels. Those moments will become longer and longer until we are so addicted to feeling so amazing that we don’t want that feeling to go away, and we know that the only way to keep that feeling is to start seeing ourselves as others do…as amazing, light filled, beautiful people who are deserving of happiness and bliss! So step up and stand in your light…allow it to radiate out and affect others with your beauty! Feel the connection and be mindful of how you feel; honour your strength and your truth.

With love and so much light you need really cool shades!

Seanna xo



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