Merry Christmas

I am so fortunate to have an eccentric family….and I say this with pride:)  As a whole, we get each other on some level….but humour is something we share and share we do….We had Christmas dinner at my Mom’s brothers house tonight….Kerry and his wife Mary Ann have put on Christmas dinner for quite sometime now…I honestly couldn’t tell you how many years we have been going over to their house for dinner.  What I am sure of is awesome food, lots of wine and plenty of bad jokes, lots of sarcasm, and so much love.   I was somewhat sad heading over there tonight as my sister was back in Timmons Ontario, on a farm and was going to phone us at 4pm.  I was sad because my Mom was going to have all of her siblings together and it just didn’t seem right without Trish, my sister. We pull up and I go to the trunk to get the gifts and I hear a commotion at the front door…I thought it was my Uncle greeting my Mom, when all of the sudden I hear my sisters laugh…there was a moment of disbelief but then I realized she truly was there.  I ran across the yard screaming ‘you little bitch’ (in the most loving voice possible) and leapt on her and my Mom as they hugged in the doorway.  The one thing that would have made my Christmas just that, was her, and here she was, with a cheshire cat grin on her face so completely proud that she fooled us.  So thank you, ma belle soeur…merci.  I wish you all the love and craziness of our family and hope that Christmas saw you with your loved ones….Feliz Navidad!

Not sure how we are going to top this one…..


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