Costa Rica bound!!

In 29 more sleeps, I will be on a plane heading to LA and then on to Costa Rica! My sister Trish is heading down 1 week ahead of me and I will be flying down to meet her early in the morning on the 23rd of February. From there we will be surfing, sunning, yoga-ing(?), zip-lining, hiking through cloud forests, margarita imbibing….. basically being blissed out every day:)  Iwent looking for bikinis today….how the heck do companies get away with charging $130.00 for 4 scraps of material that are strategically placed over your breasts and bottom/front and strung together with elastic string ?  Que???!!!! They are tres Loco!!   Seriously, it costs more for a bikini than my back pack and my hiking boots together!  It looked very cute and fit well but was so not worth that money!  I still have a month before I leave so I am hopeful…I do own a cute little bikini already, think Halle Berry in James Bond, but in a nice green with yellow, white and red stripes, so that will be going with me, but there was the thought to have more than one…oh well…perhaps I will wait until I get down there so when I wear it here and people ask wear I got it, I can say, ‘oh this? I bought it down in Costa Rica.’  (SMILEY FACE!)  Needless to say, its from a ‘want’ point of view rather than a ‘need’ point of view.  So going forward, I am going to do my best to remember that I ‘need’ to save money so I can spend it on things that I ‘want’ in Costa Rica!  So stay tuned as the count down is on!

With much excitement, exhilaration and love



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