Bliss, Butterflies & Patience

Once upon a time, there was a catepillar who sat on a branch staring out into the rest of the forest. She wanted to remember everything about her home as she felt her life was coming to an end.  She loved living in this forest and was going to miss the beauty of the sun reflecting off the leaves after a storm;  or the quiet beauty of the night.  She looked around at the branch she sat on that had provided her nourishment when she was hungry and shelter during storms.  She felt sad about having to leave this shelter and beauty behind.  Slowly she inched her way along the branch until she was close to the trunk of the tree; here she curled up and started to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, one that she knew she would not wake up from.  As she fell asleep, she thanked the tree and the forest for giving her life for being her home. With that, she let go and went into the dark.  In a time span that felt like forever, she woke up.  At first there was darkness and confusion followed by panic.  She tried to move but found that there was some kind of barrier wrapped around her.   The more she moved the more that the barrier gave away but it hurt and it was tiring.  She was getting exhausted from all the moving about so she decided to take a nap.  She woke up again and moved some more….nap, move, nap, move on and on it went until all of the sudden light was coming through the barrier.  She got excited and moved more and more until she could see the forest in which she had lived in.  Just then the barrier fell away and she shook her wings off….wait a minute! Wings!?  She looked around and everything seemed upside down.  Confusion set in again and she tried to crawl up on the branch she was hanging from but she was tired from riding herself of the barrier and since she wasn’t falling, she decided to rest.  Just then, a beautiful blue butterfly flew down and landed on the branch above her.  “Welcome” she said,”welcome to your new life.  What you thought was your life ending was a brand new beginning.  The cocoon that sheltered you while you changed is no longer needed.  It served you in the past but serves you no more; the pain that you felt was simply the breaking of your shell.  You have changed; with that change will come new growth, a new life.  Come with me and let’s examine the excitement and the mystery that lies before you.  But always remember there is only this moment, this opportunity.   Things will appear on your path testing you, but you are strong and so capable.  There is a power in you that others will see, but will sometimes be invisible to yourself.  Know that even if you can’t see it, trust that it is there.”  And with that, the wise blue butterfly flew up into the blue sky above.  The young, new butterfly tested her wings, looked around and let go.  She knew that she had been given these wings to fly and trusted the infinite knowledge inside of her that would guide her flight.  And so she flew.


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