What is passion? defines it as a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.   Have you ever seen someone talk about something that they are passionate about?  I have….my sister.  Talk to her about Tango and in her mind, she is already in the arms of a dark sultry man, moving sensually across a dance floor and you can picture it too.   Her desire and passion to learn more about Tango is communicated through her thoughts as to where she wants to move to and take classes.  Paris is right up there competing with Buenos Aires in Argentina, which as we know, is the birthplace of the sultry Tango.  Funny thing this passion….it doesn’t come with instructions on how to be successful at something, it just simply provides the energy and the motivation to achieve a goal.  It only sees ability with the pureness of a childs eyes…it sees YES! and doesn’t understand the concept of no.   My beautiful amazing sister sees similarily….she only sees the ability and none of the mind chatter that tries to dissuade the passion. What is your passion?


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