Monday morning

How is your Monday morning going to play out?  Will you get up, put the coffee on, make some breakfast and perhaps read the paper while leaning against your kitchen counter?  Or will you snuggle deeper under the covers wishing your alarm clock would disappear?  Or are you one of those that hits the ground running…literally?  Me?  I will be teaching my first yoga student. Ever.   I am a bit nervous, but more excited than I have been in a long time.  I was certified back in December, but allowed obstacles to get in my way, sometimes on purpose.  Obstacles are curious sorts of things…we talk about them as if they are physical, yet more often than not, but we can build them up into something much bigger than they really are.  When this happens, we aren’t able to see past them, or through them, because if we could, we would realize that we truly are capable of greatness.  So,  with that, I see through, I step over everything that was holding me back up until this moment because I am capable of greatness and I am going to let my magnificence shine!


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