A most wondrous day

Mondays tend to be that day that most people look forward to the least.  If you work Monday to Friday, it’s the first day back to work after the weekend. Did you know that some studies out there have shown that there is a higher chance of having a heart attack on a Monday morning than on any other day of the week?!  The study organizers chalk it up to the stress of going back to work on a Monday.  Poor Mondays.  They get just a bad rap. It’s just a day of the week. It does what every other day does; starts at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm. So why do we, as people, get so worked up about them? There are even songs bemoaning Mondays, like, I hate Mondays.  Is this fair?

Well, I hope what I am about to share with you about my past Monday helps you to shed your perception of a Monday and look forward to your next Monday.

It started out like any other; I got up, got ready and headed out the door to work. The drive to work was uneventful, which is always a good thing.  I got into work, made my rounds of hellos and logged into my computer.  I usually check social media first thing in the morning, so logged into my Facebook account and checked my wall.  And there it was…the first post that changed this seemingly normal Monday into a most wondrous day. ‘Labor was not easy but all worth it;-) 4:46 am our baby girl was born :-))))’  Two of my good friends had become parents to a beautiful baby girl.

Fast forward to later in the day, I would say around 2ish, there was another post that read:’ The results are in- we’re in the clear! God is good. Life is precious. Feeling grateful x’.  This was accompanied by a picture of a jumble of words, and at the bottom of this jumble of words there were 6 words that said ‘complicated way of saying cancer free’.  Another friend who had been dealing with cancer and treatments all while remaining optimistic, had received awesome news…she was cancer free. Happy Dance!!!

This Monday was definitely getting brighter!

Onto later that evening. My sister posted her blog Eccentric exploration, which, as usual, I love to read.  (please read and subscribe! ) She was going to an audition for a part in Cabaret, and she wrote about how the voices in her head found a multitude of reasons to not go to the audition.

So, I am feeling really good at this point. My perception of Monday had undergone a huge shift.  I am normally a really optimistic, bright side of things, glass is half – full kind of person, but even with that, I realized that I too, would get the Monday blues.

Then I remembered that today, January 21st, would have been my Grandma’s birthday; she would have been 97.  She died at the age of 96 and a half at 5:35am on July 19, 2012. I was with her from the time that she started make the journey to the other side to the time that she died.  I got to hold her hand, and tell her that I loved her.  I thanked her for silly things like doll accessories and jello/koolaid popsicles.  I thanked her for the blue rocking chair in the back bedroom where she would rock me to sleep while singing Danny Boy. I thanked her for so many things and then told her that while we would miss her, she could go and be with her Maman and my Grandpa Christy.  My Mom was also there and she got to do the same thing. I phoned my sister, and even though my Grandma had started to drift, when I put the phone up beside my Grandmas ear, and she heard my sisters voice, her eyes lit up, and she looked over and smiled a beautiful, bright smile.  It was her last cognizant moment.  She died with her 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter to guide her on her way.  I pictured her  young and vibrant, and waltzing with my Grandpa moments after she died.

Wow! I loved that my friends daughter was born on the same date that my Grandma was born, 97 years before. I loved that another friend found out she was cancer free.  I loved that my sister had gone to an audition and her audition number was 42, which is how long our parents were married.   I felt so incredibly connected to life, the universe and everything.

So, yes, while it was only one Monday, and it happened to also be January 21st which was also significant, all of these amazing things took place on a Monday.

So Monday? Thank you for being so wondrous to me.  I look forward to  you and all of the other wondrous things that you will bring.


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