To the moon or bust. Or in this case, the half marathon finish line or bust.

What does it mean if you are a runner?  My theories/opinions about running have been that 1) there are enough runners in the world that they don’t need another, namely me 2) I run for the bus, and only if it across the street and I’m not in high heels 3) Any other life out in the Universe out for a drive in their space ship (as they do) and observing our planet would think it odd that a person would step out their front door, run down the street and then another, and another etc. only to wind up back exactly where they started.  So it was a surprise to myself that I signed up for a marathon clinic. Yes, me. The one who scoffed at running.

My goal is to finish the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 4, 2014.  I originally started out thinking ‘Yeah, I can totally do a marathon distance!’ and then I ran for the first time on Wednesday, January 8th; needless to say, I am now running the half marathon. 21.1k….13.2 miles for all you readers from the USA. We are in month 2 of training and it’s going fairly well.  I am able to maintain a good pace for the longer runs that our group does.  Our last run before the big day is April 30th. I hope that we get to wear party hats on our last run.

Everyone I have shared this goal with has been a cheerleader from the start.  The women in my run group are slightly shocked that I jumped into the proverbial deep end without water wings, but they are so supportive and heaps of fun! We go for breakfast every Saturday after our run, so be on the look out for a group of fabulous women, in running gear, laughing over Eggs Benedict at some fabulous breakfast place in Victoria. The coolest thing is that my friend Jennifer Danter (check out her blog here) signed up right along with me. It is so fantastic having someone along for the ride! We get to groan about our sore muscles, how early Saturday morning starts are and then go out and do our runs and feel so damn proud that we did it! And then we go home to our Epsom salt baths….they are our friends.

I didn’t think I would ever be ‘a runner’.  Now I get excited looking at my gear and getting ready to go out on a run! Even when it’s raining! (There is a strong possibility that this excited attitude might change in weather that is below freezing; we shall see as it’s supposed to be down to -5 tomorrow night and it’s hill running. I’ll let you know.)

So what’s your goal?  What have you dreamt about, scoffed at, thought that it could be a possibility….if you feel like it, share it in the comments.  If you don’t feel like sharing, and want to keep it to yourself for now, that’s just fine too.  Thomas A. Edison had a point when he said ‘If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves’.  So, I dare you to go out and astound yourself. I astound myself every time I finish a 10k run. Then 11, then 12 and so on.

Yours in the thought that anything is possible if only you believe,


p.s. One of the upsides of doing all this running, is that I can eat almost anything I want! Extra calories are good!



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