Bali calling

Bali….it invokes thoughts and images of temples, rice paddies, white beaches and turquoise oceans and possibly for me, and 29 others, a one month long work shop with Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love. I had a phone call this evening with a lovely woman named Megan and we chatted about why I want to go to Bali for the Writer’s Mastermind workshop.  I told her that it was time for me, not in a selfish or ego based way, but in a way that allows for me to focus on me and the story that I have inside that wants to come out. I worked in hospitality for a long time and any of my friends that are still in hotels can attest to the fact that it’s always about the other person, namely the customer, and their comforts. I believe, that when you are in that environment long enough, self care falls by the wayside. I’m learning again what self care and nurturing is all about. This trip will be a way for me to reconnect with me, to get quiet and really listen to the story that lives inside of me. It will be in an incredibly supportive environment, in a beautiful place and surrounded by others who have the same purpose.

When I was filling out the application form about a week ago, I started to feel some fear and trepidation about whether or not to finish filling it out.  Because if I finished filling out the application form and sent it in, it would mean that someone would read my application, and I would be judged on what I wrote. It would determine whether or not I would get to the next step which would be a phone call about my application and why I wanted to be picked. Now, as most of us know, fear lives in the dark and doesn’t want to step out into the unknown. ‘There could be scary, frightening things out there!’ it tells us.  And it’s true, there are scary frightening things out there.  But if we didn’t voyage into the unknown, we would have never discovered new countries, new civilizations, chocolate(!), or discovered just what we are capable of.

I will find out in the next week or so if I am picked. What an amazing Christmas present that would be.

Wishing you steps into the unknown and the discovery of something great,



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