Standing in our worth

Stand still, close your eyes and feel your heart beating. The beating of you heart tells you that you are indeed alive. Now open your eyes and look at your feet…look at your toes, wiggle them a bit, roll up towards the tips on your toes and back onto your heels, lifting your toes off the floor for a moment and then let them settle down again. Feel the four ‘corners’ of your feet, the mound under the big toe, baby toe, and each side of your heel and ground down through them and stand up tall and proud and fabulous.

Stand in your worth, in your creativity, in your beauty, your brains, your messiness, your logic, your craziness, your doubts, your beliefs,  your truth. Take your right hand and clasp your left upper arm and take your left hand and clasp it around your right upper arm; are you there? Great! Now squeeze…give yourself a hug full of love, full of hope, full of understanding and full of acceptance.

Stand in your worth, for you are amazing.



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