Stories have the power to capture your heart and take you on adventures that you didn’t know existed. It’s an art to take some words and arrange them in a way that pull you completely into the story that they have come together to tell.

When I was a young girl, I discovered Laura Ingalls Wilder. I bought the book ‘On the Bank of Plum Creek’ at a book fair, took it home, went to my room, sat on my bed and started to read.  There is a scene in that book that describes a blizzard, and though it was summer where I was, after I read that scene, I realize that I was so immersed in the book that I had buried myself under my blankets thinking that there was a blizzard outside.  I had read many, many, many books prior to that, but it’s the first time that I experienced that level of story-telling…so vivid and descriptive that it felt like I was that little girl in the story. I became truly fascinated with the places that stories could take me from there on in.

I have been through a blizzard, to exotic lands far away, on an steamer crossing an ocean, to space, dwelled in caves and lived in palaces and castles to numerous to mention.  I have seen the world through the eyes of magicians, of priestesses, of children and crones.  I have lived centuries ago, centuries from now and today. I have held the hands of loved ones and looked into the eyes of foes. I lived many lives, had many faces, died many deaths, and still I yearn for more.

Stories can take us away, teach us a lesson or inspire us to live fully. They can bring tears of joy or tears of sadness, invoke belly laughs and make us think.

Stories have carried our world through abundance and through famine and have brought traditions and civilizations from centuries ago to the present. We tell stories and pass them on so future generations will know we existed. The gift of story telling is a powerful one; because of it, children are taught to wonder and to dream.  And what a wonderful gift that is.


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