How to rescue yourself when you realize there is no knight in shining armor

Like most young girls growing up in the age of Disney and fairy tales, the story always ends with the prince saving the girl, saving the forest full of cute woodland creatures and living happily ever after in a white castle somewhere high on a hill with turrets and flags snapping smartly in the breeze.

How many of us remember the line in Sex and the City where Charlotte says ‘I’ve been dating since I was 17, where is he?’ Indeed, where is he. Too often, we (I) get caught up in the romance of being saved. But saved from what? Last time I checked, there no poisonous apples being handed to me, no queens turning themselves into fire breathing dragons, no spindles to prick my finger on.

Yet, the dream still sits somewhere out there in the ether, that if ‘he’ comes into my life, into your life, into our lives, that things will magically be altered and our lives will be perfect. Again, I question, what is perfect? What am I expecting?

We drift in and out of this dream place that perfection exists in. There is no way to get to this place yet we still believe everything will be better once (recognize any of these?) I have more money, better once I have a boyfriend, better once I own my house, better once I have the perfect job, better once I eat healthier, better once I start a workout regimen, better once I lose 10 pounds. And when will you, (because, by the way, there is no one coming to rescue you), start on this path to Better Once? Tomorrow. Oh yes! Tomorrow! It exists out there right beside Better Once and Perfection.

Fuck perfection. Fuck Better Once. Fuck Tomorrow. Do it now.

This is about the un-truths we tell ourselves and the truths we don’t tell ourselves.  One of the hardest places to look is inside to find out what serves our highest good.

Take the first step to what serves you best now. What does that look like? Is a cook book full of healthy recipes?  A first date? Meeting with a job recruiter or a financial planner?  Whatever it looks like, you are worth it. You are so worth it.  And don’t be afraid to question what it is that will best serve you. Maybe what you thought 5 years ago or even 6 months ago is no longer relevant. You have every right to change your mind…or not.

This is about you, this is about me, this is about us, making our personal world the best world we possibly can.  Because as we create our beautiful world, it ripples out and sooner, hopefully, than later, there are beautiful worlds cropping up all over the place!

Go inside right now, and ask yourself, ‘Self? What serves me? What brings me joy and happiness? What lights me up?’

Now get a journal and write down what your self tells you. Listen deeply, with love, and without judgement. Your self loves you and wants what is best for you, what will serve your highest good.

Now you are on your way to rescuing yourself. Because, you see, all along, you have been your own knight in shining armor.  It’s all inside of you.

Astride my white steed and riding to my own rescue,



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