How is it that someone that most of us have never met, triggers such deep feelings of sadness at their death?

I didn’t ever have the opportunity to meet Blake Edwards, yet his movies defined my childhood. ‘Thar she blows!’ Jim Henson. Every Thursday night at 7pm, I welcomed him and his Muppets into my living room. Freddie Mercury, you did, you did, rock me! When Robin Williams died, it was like losing a friend that I had grown up with, a friend with a multitude of names, starting with Mork, along the way Mrs. Doubtfire and Genie. Dave Brubeck. Audrey Hepburn. Peter O’Toole. James Garner. Maya Angelou. The list goes on.

Although I had never met any of them, I cried when I found out that they had died.

When I saw the posts last night that David Bowie had died, out loud I said ‘No, no no!’ thinking it must be one of those hoaxes. But it wasn’t. A man who had changed the world by being himself, so many different shades of himself, died, without letting us, his fans, that he had been sick.

I remember the day in the doctors office when the cancer doctor told my Dad and my Mom that his cancer was terminal and that there were no treatments possible. There was disbelief from me, and I remember looking at the doctor and saying that there had to be something we could do. It broke my heart that he was so finite in his response, not even wanting to explore options.  I can’t help but think that the circumstances were similar for David Bowie and his family. Sitting in a doctors office, with some white coat telling you that that the cancer was going to end his life sooner than later. 18 months and one more birthday, he died, leaving us his final gift of his music.

We shall never know another like him. His resonance will be felt for generations to come.

Travel well Starman, travel well and thank you.

“I’ll paint you mornings of gold, I’ll spin you Valentine evenings, though we’re strangers till now, we’re choosing the path between the stars, I’ll leave my love between the stars”






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