This is about

This is about leaving the ground

It’s about leaping without looking

About what is out there and not in here

This is about possibility and passion

About what can be discovered, uncovered, and found

This is not about anyone but me

This is about what I have been afraid of.

Fear that is disembodied, no substance to it and disappears like smoke in a strong breeze

A breeze that blows through and brings with it opportunity and more possibility

It’s about what is possible.

It’s about a butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of feeling; a stirring of excitement; a reach into the unknown

It’s about time and what to do with the remaining hours, days, months, years.

This is about soaring above and seeing life, my life, from a different perspective

It’s about trust and letting go

It’s about knowing and feeling that the time is right

It’s about looking back at what is clinging at you, holding you, me, back, holding you to old patterns, holding me to old stories and gently asking them to let go

And if they don’t let go…

It’s about grabbing a mother-fucking samurai sword and severing those things that cling, that are holding me back

Because this is not about what came before

It’s about what is in front of me now


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